Family Holidays in Rome

On holiday with the family in Rome: what better time to have fun, learn, and spend quality time together?

A family holiday in Rome is a great idea. On a weekend or during a longer stay, Rome offers endless opportunities to spend quality time with your partner and kids: from the local green parks in the city to the extraordinary museums and the countless historical trails to learn about the history of the entire Western civilization.

Relais Arco della Pace is located in the heart of Rome, from which you can easily reach many city’s attractions. For those traveling with children, the proximity of museums and architectural treasures of the city allows you to enjoy your holiday without much organizational concerns.
In the hotel there are various rooms suitable for families of 3-4 people, and apartments at the Relais are the perfect choice for families who wish to have the use of a private kitchen and larger and independent rooms. You can request our staff to add a cot for infants, and receive small toys to entertain them.
Let us know all your needs to receive the most appropriate service to your family vacation in Rome, our staff is always available for you.

Itinerary with kids in Rome

If you put together all the knowledge that kids learn at school, or watching television, or in the church, and put it all together, Rome is the place you will use most often as a backdrop for a collective imagination that will reveal with time as a real sense of belonging. A trip to Rome at any age is a continuous discovery of our culture, but for kids it is certainly the possibility of putting together information, pictures, instructive stories in an enjoyable experience.

There are many possible routes to make a Roman holiday with children a truly useful and memorable experience. Certainly, the discovery of imperial Rome, the Forum, the Colosseum and the most ancient Roman buildings is a must to learn and to be dazzled by the grandeur of ancient Rome. In the city of Christianity, kids are really fascinated by the history of the early persecuted Christians forced to die fighting with wild beasts, as well as by the places of their secret meetings in the early Christian basilicas, today magnificent temples of religiosity.

Relais Arco della Pace is surrounded by some masterpieces of architectural history, but there are also thousands of unusual stories that leave children speechless. For example, looking closely at the Trevi Fountain, you can see the God Ocean majestically dragged in a chariot shell by two sea horses in the composition of Bernini. And what is the big travertine vase on the right of the fountain? This is known as "Asso di Coppe" which, according to legend, was placed there by the Pope sculptor to prevent a grumpy annoying barber to watch the advance of the work and stop the artist with his annoying comments.
Do not forget to throw a coin in the fountain, to fulfill the desire to get back again to the Eternal City.

And in Piazza Navona, a few steps from the Relais, while admiring its sumptuous palaces, one might wonder whose is that marble head that pops out of the wall at number 34. This is the face of Mastro Gregorio, a landlord of Navona Square that was teased by the Pope. Pope Sixtus V, in fact, loved to get around Rome in incognito to hear criticism that people addressed him. Entering Gregorio’s inn he listened to his complaining and swearing against the government of the Pope, which required the service of wine in small "leaflets" (1/4 liter measure). A few days later, the landlord saw gallows being prepared in the square so he arranged the tables for the public who came to attend the executions, but the Executioner was instead there to take him, to put him to death. The innkeeper's friends wanted the marble head of the innkeeper to keep watching the Roman square with its critical frown.

Few steps from the square the “Pasquino” statue keeps telling stories about the strong anticlericalism faced by the Pope in his own “headquarter”. Every night the ancient greek statue was (and still is) decorated with satyrical notes addressed to the most important public servants. Now as then the so-called “pasquinate” express the popular discontent toward the authorities and their corruption.

Explora, the children's museum in Rome

Children can find good ideas and make important discoveries in all the museums of Rome, especially with parents who can have fun taking cultural trails for kids and, why not, to learn again.
The museum Explora, however, has been designed just for kids: with interactive workshops, exhibitions and games, the line between fun and learning is not well defined and the children can explore the world of science and get involved. Discover the power of the wind, the chemical processes that can be experienced in the kitchen, or operate the controls to maneuver a train: this and much more for children of all ages. At Explora you can also celebrate a birthday and take part in animations specially designed for the little ones.