Six legs tour of Rome

At the Relais Arco della Pace our trusty four-legged friends are welcome, Rome is all to be discovered for them too!

Do not give up the company of your pet during a vacation in Rome: we are a pet friendly hotel that welcomes with pleasure your four-legged friends. On arrival a bowl of water and one of dry food will be ready for them, in addition to a comfortable kennel for a comfortable sleep.
For larger pets, we ask to inform us in advance to organize the best solution for their stay.

Useful tips to travel to Rome with pets:

Getting around Rome with a dog is pretty simple: all public transports allow you to travel with him, paying the fare of a regular ticket (except for guide dogs for blind persons). Access to buses with the dog is allowed from the back door, and in the first and last carriage of the subway. Constant dog’s monitoring is required as well as the use of leash and muzzle.

For those who are traveling with cats, birds and small animals, transport is allowed in no larger than 25x45x80cm cages and baskets with ordinary fare ticket.

While in the museums of Rome access to animals is not allowed, there are many activities to do with our four-legged friends: the numerous city parks are perfect to let them run happily and without muzzle in equipped play areas. Among those in Rome’s center the Circus Maximus, Piazza Vittorio, and Villa Borghese.


A curiosity: the blessing of the animals in Rome

In the Esquilino district of Rome is the Saint Eusebius Church where every January 17 takes place the blessing of the animals. In past centuries, when animal health was an economy’s key aspect, a long row of oxen, donkeys, poultry and horses paraded for several days towards the Church of Saint Anthony, protector of animals. Here a priest would give the blessing for the cattle running before the church, as we read in the testimony of Goethe and Andersen, the most famous among the onlookers who flocked from all over the world to attend the celebration.

Today the function was moved to the church of Saint Eusebius for traffic reasons and is celebrated in a much reduced form. Participants are dogs, cats, canaries and other small pets, which can be brought to the church for a nice ritual, still with a religious symbolic value.


Places to go with pets in Rome

In Rome there are plenty of restaurants and bars that make the holidays truly pet-friendly, with pleasant activities for our four-legged friends and for us along with them.

Qibo is a restaurant in the Prati neighborhood that offers fresh food menus designed by an animal nutritionist to suit our pets taste and needs, which on request also organizes home deliveries. The restaurant also organizes workshops and "six-legs" trekking and hiking events.
For cats, the really interesting Romeow, a refined bistro serving vegan food that allows area’s and guest cats to roam anywhere in their premises.
Near Tiburtina, Gelart is the ice cream shop that prepares mouth-watering bowls for dogs and cats.


To the seaside with the dog: near Rome you can

Dogs are happy when they can run outside, when they can also do it in the water and the sea, then they are extremely happy. Near Rome, in the Baubeach of Maccarese, dogs can run off leash and have fun challenging the waves: at the entrance, owners are delivered a playing kit, and invited to the many activities enjoy the dog-friendly beach at its best.